Recommended Foods

The non-profit George Mateljan Foundation has compiled an excellent list of the healthiest foods I've always found useful, so rather than reinvent the wheel, I've used their list for the recommended foods. The links above take you directly to their "World's Healthiest Foods" site. You'll find a ton of excellent information on each food listed. These foods should be the foundation of your diet, and of course you'll find all these foods in already for adding to your journal.

While the George Mateljan Foundation lists several reasons why they chose these foods, I like them because they are nutrient dense whole foods, and they all generally taste good. Start trying them in your journal in, and you'll figure out the amounts as you go based on how they affect your totals. You'll also see how advantageous it is to eat whole foods that are high in nutrient density. is not associated with the George Mateljan Foundation.