Stay Cut

New to the idea of calorie counting?

Probably the most important benefit of is that it counts your calories. Why do this? It's very simple. The essential rule of weight control is that if you consume the amount of energy your burn, you will maintain your weight. If you consume less than you burn, you will lose fat, and if you consume more, you will gain fat. The problem until now is that it's been too difficult to track yourself. Not only does figure out how many calories you burn based on information you provide, but it provides you with an intuitive and easy system to figure out how many calories you are consuming, and helps you adjust accordingly. It takes the guess work out and gives you control of your body and appearance.

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Can't I just use a spreadsheet or a piece of paper to track calories?

Really? Yes, but that would just be a TON of extra work. If you're the kind of person that loves doing unnecessary, mind-numbing spreadsheets and calculations, you'll hate Not only does have an extensive database of foods (at the moment there are 21280 public foods), but it remembers the amounts you eat, groups foods together as meals, remembers your meals, calculates and scales recipes, and gives you very fast and intuitive access to everything. Not only that, but it maintains your very own food journal that you can go back and access what you ate for instance, last Wednesday. Or perhaps you'd like to figure out how much that cake you're planning on making tomorrow will affect your fat intake the following day.

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So what else besides calories does track?

Based on the information you provide about yourself, calculates your daily goals for fat, carbs, protein, sodium, and almost every other micronutrient that you'd ever find on a nutrition label. It tracks your intake of these nutrients and lets you know if you're meeting your goals or not. Most countries these days have required that foods are properly labeled with their nutrition information. But how many people do you know actually keep track of these nutrients? We live in very fortunate times--the information is all there, and now we have the technology and tools to harness this information to have complete control over our diets. Seriously. It's easy and it works.

See the intro tutorial to find out how to use